Domain Name Prices and Your Choice of Cheap Domain Names

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Cheap domain names are an asset for anyone starting out in an online business. These are the URLs that potential customers type into their browsers when they want to learn more about you or your business. Cheap domain names come from various sources – from domain resellers, such as Iona, to generic companies, such as GeoCities or ICQ.

Domain Name Prices and Your Choice of Cheap Domain Names

Resellers buy domains and assign them to people, generally business people, who want to start an online presence. Generic companies buy cheap domain names from Iona and create their own web address by purchasing the registration rights from ICQ or Geocities. Some registrars let you register multiple variations of a domain extension. You can then buy the rights to use any combination of these registrations for your own business or personal use, depending on your needs.

ICQ and GeoCities allow several variations of domain, so it is not necessary to pay the ridiculously expensive ICQ or Geocities rates to get a top level domain. These generic companies also often have lower costs than Iona or Yahoo! Search Marketing. The only drawback with these kinds of domains is that they do not have the same branding power as a top level domain. People still expect to see, so cheap domains are sometimes not ideal. If your main goal is building brand awareness for your business, however, Iona and velocities are perfect for beginners.

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