Interior Painters in Winnipeg – A Great Resource For Interior Painting Job Success

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“Interior painters in Winnipeg are a reliable, professional, and affordable home & exterior painting company in Winnipeg, MB.” Interior & Exterior Painting Company in Winnipeg is dedicated to providing quality and value to the people of Canada. The company has been in operation since 1969 and is one of the original companies offering residential and commercial painting services to residents of Winnipeg. It was founded by George Bysshe Shelley, who had gained first-hand knowledge of residential and commercial painting through his employment with the Canadian Army where he worked in both the military and public sector.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint Walls?

The company continues to strive to provide professional, customer-oriented interior painting services to residents of both the federal and municipal governments. It also offers residential home maintenance and repair work for private residences and businesses. Many of its past clients include members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Manitoba Hydro, the Canadian Army, the Winnipeg Fire department, City of Toronto, the Royal Canadian Golf Club, and the Canadian Cancer Society. Interior painters in Winnipeg have received prestigious recognition from such prestigious organizations.

To achieve the highest level of client satisfaction and long-lasting performance, Interior & Exterior painting in Winnipeg follows industry standards of excellence in painting techniques, products and workmanship. The company strives to maintain strict quality control policies, which involve maintaining the highest levels of painting knowledge and experience within the walls and roofs of residential and commercial buildings. All painting contractors adhere to these high standards of painting service and products. In addition to maintaining a high level of standards and ethics in the painting profession, Interior & Exterior painters in Winnipeg also work closely with local, provincial and territorial government agencies to ensure that all employees and contractors adhere to all regulations and policies that affect the painting industry in the city. If you have a painting project currently underway in the city, contact the professionals in the field for a free consultation.

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