Recharge Your Batteries at the Gold Coast

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batteries gold coast

It is time for you to head to Gold Coast, Queensland for a holiday and recharge those batteries. There are many places on and off the coast of Australia that you can recharge your batteries including at the beach, in your car, in your home or even at your office. The main beaches on the Gold Coast are Mermaid Beach, Broad Beach and Southport Beach but there are other places that you can enjoy being on the Gold Coast like the Hot Point, Surfers Paradise, Nobby Beach, Burleigh Heads and the Miami Islands.

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At the beach you can find a wide range of different types of batteries including those designed specifically for rechargeable batteries. Some include nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride and lithium ion batteries. These batteries can be bought from most car parts shops. If you choose to buy them online you will find that they are available at a discount but it is still worth looking around for deals.


For your car you can fill up any of the sockets on the road along the Surfers Paradise High School, Broad Beach or Southport Beach Road. You can also find a large number of mobile electric plug sockets throughout the Surfers Paradise, Nobbies and Southport areas. To top it all of there are electric sockets available at the beach, car wash, McDonald’s Restaurant and the skateboard park. For further ideas and locations for your batteries it is worth visiting the official site Surfers Paradise – Gold Coast Australia.

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