Review of Havaianas Flip Flops

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If you are not familiar with Havaianas flip flops, let me fill you in. This company was founded by a couple: Carol Price and her husband, Richard Price. They had their first product line entitled the Carousel. The couple loved the idea and started working on it. The company name was changed to Havaianas when Carol Price saw that their customers really loved the shoes. This link to get more info.

Havaianas Flip Flops Report: Statistics And Facts

At this time the company had not launched anything else yet, so they decided to create a nice new shoe. What they created was called the Haavaianas Flip Flop. The very first models were a success and everyone wanted a pair, so the business started growing. The best thing about havaianas flip flops is that they come in just about every color of the rainbow, so they can be worn by everyone. The thing to know is that even if you were born an inch or two too small for these shoes, they will fit you just fine.

The havaianas flip flops really change the way you think about sandals. They are fashionable, comfortable and you can wear them anywhere in the world. You might be saying “what about the havaianas freedom sandal” which is a giveaway that I would suggest you buy these sandals. They make a great gift as well, but I think the price is a bit steep, depending on where you are getting the sandal from.

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