What Are the Services Offered by the Pest Control Service?

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For many homeowners, pest control is a necessary evil, but for some it is a tedious and stressful chore. If you are looking for a company that offers pest control services – CTRL is one company worth looking into. With one of the most recognized brands in pest control, CTRL has created a solid reputation as a leading pest control provider. With several offices across the United States, they offer a variety of services including residential and commercial pest control. The services range from daily inspections and treatments to long-term management and refinancing of existing contracts. Below is a list of the services offered by CTRL.

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Commercial Services: While many residential homes have been hit by termites and rodents over the years, businesses and other commercial buildings can be targeted as well. With a number of companies offering this pest control service, there is something available for nearly every type of business. From the largest office buildings to small strip malls, professionals can treat the building for mice, rats, and other rodents. Some of the services offered by the pest control exterminators that make up the team of CTRL include:

Residential Services: People often wonder what types of pests they can keep out of their homes, but the truth is that there are a number of pests that can attack at any time. One of the most common pest control problems faced by homeowners involves the presence of mice and other rodents. These rodents can access homes through holes or cracks, so regular inspections are a must. In addition, the infestation of termites on wood can create another problem for people. Most residential pest control companies offer services to help with these two common pest issues.

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