Why Install a Grounding Plan for Your Dock?

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A grounding plan is the key to safely installing a dock system and supporting it, but even more importantly, it is the key to long-lasting anchor lines. Without a well-built, properly installed new grounding plate, the risk of anchor line damage due to rotting, corrosion and rust increase significantly. This type of damage could prove costly and even devastating to your business, costing you thousands in replacement costs if the damage is severe enough. The best ground conditions occur when the anchor line from the dock to the pier is properly supported and installed properly.

Grounding an Electrical System

When constructing a dock, it is essential that any new anchoring systems are correctly setup before construction can begin. A professional marine engineer will know exactly where the anchor will need to be located to ensure it will not interfere with natural currents or cause damage to the natural surroundings. Once the anchor is in place, the dock system can then be tested, ensuring the structure is sound and seaworthy before being installed by an experienced dock master. If you choose to install your own anchor system, a well-designed plan can save you valuable time and money, allowing you to quickly and efficiently complete the task.

New docks require a sturdy support, so new anchor lines must be carefully planned and installed. When designing an anchor line installation plan, take into consideration natural factors such as water currents, beach elevations and land elevations. For example, if you live on a low ground level, your new anchor line should be placed higher than the dock, allowing for maximum seaworthiness. Once the anchor line is in place, you can start construction and enjoy your new, well-secured dock.

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