How to Organically Promote Your SoundCloud Profile?

SoundCloud is an effective platform for artists to connect with their potential fan base as well as record labels. With an array of different service providers offering paid SoundCloud promotion, one must carefully assess the organic approach as well. When considering longevity, organic SoundCloud promotions are very effective. The following that one creates organically are sure to stay in the long run as compared to bots. The organic following has a positive impact on record labels too. Artist profile with an organic reach and following will have a better impression as compared to a profile that incorporates the paid approach. There are an array of ways that can contribute towards promoting the profile organically:

SoundCloud promotion

  1. Allocating tags helps in increasing the overall reach of your track. It enhances visibility when someone is searching for music. Using simple and accurate tags and keywords are more than adequate to increase the overall visibility. One can also tag the collaborators or labels who have contributed or released the track on various digital platforms to help extend the reach to the followers of the label and collaborators as well
  2. Upgrading the membership on SoundCloud is also a great way for organic SoundCloud promotion. Enrolling for the pro membership plan provides the user with necessary insights about how their music is doing globally. Sending private promos to influencers is also an option that can provide the vent to healthy SoundCloud promotion
  3. After completing the upload process your tracks start getting hits consistently. But this level of consistency does not last for a long period. The only way to make sure that you are increasing your fan base is to share the works of people you listen to. Doing this constantly helps in increasing your organic reach. People who listen to your taste would come to your page and there is a high chance that they will check out your tracks as well.
  4. Album arts are another great way of enhancing your organic reach and giving a unique touch to your profile. It can either be done individually or be outsourced to designers who can do it in your prescribed budget. The album art is the first thing that individuals and labels see and it is essential in providing a positive image on your brand as an artist
  5. Adding a buy or free download link to your music is another way towards organic SoundCloud promotion. There are plenty of websites dedicated to music promotion like where you can build free landing pages and offer special rewards for active fans. Add the buy link from different platforms such as Beatport, Bandcamp or iTunes into a landing page and promote all profiles with one link simply by copying landing page URL into track description.

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